Meeting Jura

Perfection in disguise 

Jura started his career as an Engineer and a professional Jazz musician but never thought life would lead him to jewelry. His skills as an engineer, together with his need for artistic expression, resulted in some of the world’s most advanced diamond setting ever seen. This combination of simplicity and sophistication makes Jura one of a kind!


Diamond Setting

“The task of a stone setter requires astonishing dexterity, devotion, precision and patience.”

It is due to his unique skills and vision that JURA can unlock the hidden radiance of gems and bring each stone to life. With limitless passion and the steadiest of hands, the setting for each stone is been prepared, one by one, removing all the unnecessary to enhance the reflection of light within each stone, unlocking its exceptional sparkle and beauty. 


The JURA Revolution

Jura has always been driven to find fresh ways to take diamond setting to a higher level with the result that this art has been completely revolutionized. Every problem he faced inspired him to find new solutions and invent new tools, now recognized world-wide for their exceptional quality.

The ageless beauty of Jura’s jewelry is the result of sophisticated design and the finest of diamond settings.


“ JURA Jewelry represents the finest diamond setting, with this sophisticated design and timeless beauty. ”


Into the future

Some shoes to fill

" " How grateful and proud I am to have the opportunity to present my father’s extraordinary work and to take this family journey forward.”

His shoes might be too big for me to fill, but his footprints are my guide."

— Xenia


Simplicity is the key

JURA always strives to make his designs as simple as possible.

The greatest challenge is to get rid of the parts that are not essential.

He understands the secrets of design and never fails to discover solutions to the problems they present.

" Elegance depends on simplicity"



Our Team

Eye for potential

Teaching has always been JURA's passion. His gift is to see potential in people, to inspire, and to bring out the best in them.

The beauty of it all is that none of our team members had any affinity with jewelry... Jura saw a unique individual quality in these people, a potential to become a great craftsman.

Quite remarkably none of our team had any experience in jewelry but Jura spotted each one’s potential to become a great craftsman. A determined teacher, he had faith in them all, allowing them to learn from their mistakes, thus creating a team we now consider to be part of our family.




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